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Vision Without Glasses Review – An Inside Look
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Vision Without Glasses Review – An Inside Look

Vision Without Glasses ReviewVision Without Glasses nature’s method to perfect sight without glasses by Duke Peterson, has received a massive amount of media and press coverage over the past number years.

Glasses Only Treat the Symptoms NOT the Problem

Interestingly, Vision Without Glasses has its roots in the work of Dr WH Bates clear vision, which has even been recognized by the Optometric Extension Program Foundation – the organization is dedicated to providing information on vision.

However, a BIG question comes to mind…

Does Vision Without Glasses deliver on its assurances and do these natural vision improvement remedies and clear vision cures live up to the media-hype or is it just another one of those fads and fallacies in the name of science?

Keep reading to discern for yourself the vision without glasses Pros and Cons and have a ‘peek’ at some of the content methods in the Member’s Area…

More about that in a little while, let me briefly provide an outline of exactly what the program is!

What is ‘Vision Without Glasses’?

Vision Without Glasses Review Duke PetersonVision Without Glasses™ Dr Duke’s little known secret is underpinned by the American Optometric Association, in which this simple step-by-step program is proven to improve your vision in just 1–3 months naturally and safely.  A former optometrist, Duke was motivated to develop this technique after uncovering Dr Bates’ work which changed both his life and practice as an optical doctor profoundly.

Concluded in a combination of RESEARCH and NATURAL alternatives, TREATMENT and SUFFERERS results corroborate that you’re able to reverse this weakening of your eye-sight and that using glasses or contacts will deteriorate your vision over time and even destroy it.

Discovering the Full facts about this Vision Secret

Vision Without Glasses™ is adaptable for your own unique eye condition as everybody has differing problems from stressed to strained eyesight.  And I personally attest to having a normal clear vision life free of having to depend on either glasses or contacts especially not seeing the awful lines, dots and odd-shaped things!

Vision Without Glasses Endorsement

Here’s a taste of what you’ll find inside the vision without glasses members area:

  • 3-second “trick” to gain focus
  • 15-minutes-a-day self-correct exercise plan
  • 60-second tip for relief from headaches and eye strain
  • How to use glasses or contacts without ruining your progress towards clear vision
  • Correct the mistake for both stressed and strained eyesight
  • Perfect-vision game plan miracle
  • And much more…

Take it from me…. this revolutionary system will obliterates your dependency on glasses!  Duke Peterson’s System is so much more than just a “methodology” – it makes vision without glasses possible and a sure-way to relief – reversing effects of hyperopia, myopia and other serious conditions, it even restores your eyesight without invasive surgery.

Let’s take a look at the Pro & Cons of Duke’s clear vision Miracle

Pros of Vision Without Glasses:

Once I purchased Duke’s system, the first aspect that impressed me was that I instantly got access to everything available:

  • Simple to sign up and download – content is well laid out, organized and easy to access in the member’s area.
  • Duke Peterson is a qualified optometrist with deep experience and expertise in this field and his system is truly cost effective and easy to follow.
  • Curative regimes are natural and safe; it tackles all deteriorating eye-sight complications and permanently addresses root-causes.
  • There are no pills, drugs or treatment side effects and negates the need for invasive and expensive surgery.
  • There is a high rate of success and testimonials CONFIRM that Duke and his dedicated team are there to GUIDE you through any difficulties – support is available and attentive.
  • Comes with 60-day full money back guarantee with no questions asked.

Cons of Vision Without Glasses:

There are a few aspects that could be improved upon:

  • There is a lot of reading and comprehension to get through before taking action and getting started!
  • Informational content is sometimes repeated which becomes distracting.
  • It doesn’t work for some complicated eye issues, but this may be beyond the program per se.
  • Some aspects aren’t really applicable and they should be removed or reduced.
  • Removing irrelevant and duplicated content will help cut clutter, provide better organization, reduce the amount to wade through, and save time.
  • I was a bit bewildered how so quickly it worked; despite making sense!

Vision Without Glasses MembershipConclusion:

With everything considered, I have been surprised and blow away by the quality of restorative treatment methods provided with the Vision Without Glasses system.

There isn’t any qualms in my mind that Duke’s program is the best available on the internet for those looking for vision improvement remedies.  Tens-of-thousands of cured sufferers endorse it!

Check out the official website for H Miracle™ here:

NOTE: This system isn’t available on

PS – Vision Without Glasses continues to be the top selling system for vision improvement over the last several years now – I am in good company with others that have been enthralled by what Duke’s developed!


Helping You Improve YOUR Eye Sight – NATURALLY!
Discover the secret to restore ‘near perfect’ 20/20 vision…


3 Responses to “Vision Without Glasses Review – An Inside Look”

  1. VisionWithoutGlasses says:

    Vision is a great gift and it should be protected. Spend less time in front of tv and PC, and more walk in nature and your eyesight will be ok :)

  2. Lester Adams says:

    How long does it take before I can see results with this product?

    • Lionel says:

      Hi Lester – these results vary from individual to individual because we are all different. But when looking from the customer feedback, it generally takes 14 days or more before results can be felt. However I strongly believe that if you use this programs diligently and according to the instructions, you would definitely be pleasantly surprised!

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